Leopold Brothers American Small Batch Whiskey
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Leopold Brothers American Small Batch Whiskey


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We begin by fermenting a traditional sour mash of corn and rye at colder temperatures, but without the aid of refrigeration. Fermentation takes more time this way, but results in a softer whiskey and develops subtle flavors such as vanilla, pear, rock candy, and raspberry. As a result, we hope to bring back some of the nuance and subtlety of a refined whiskey rather than allowing people to taste only barrel, barrel, and more barrel. With today's modern industrial production methods, in some whiskies you can no longer taste the distillate or the raw materials that crafted the distillate. Now, there's nothing wrong with this method of whiskey production (we love 8 year old Bourbons, too), but we feel that fans of whiskey should also have access to traditionally prepared whiskey where the raw materials and fermentation processes are emphasized, rather than the work of the cooper. When you pop the cork, you will immediately notice the unmistakable aromas of corn and rye that were the hallmarks of many of the traditionally distilled pre-Prohibition whiskies. We hope you enjoy this whiskey as much as we enjoyed crafting it.