Woodchuck Variety Pack 12 pack 12 oz. Can
SKU: 455194

Woodchuck Variety Pack

12 pack 12 oz. Can

Available for:
Category Hard Cider
Region United States, Vermont
Brand Woodchuck
Can't decide which style to try because they all sound so good? Well guess what, we thought of that too... Now you can try four different styles in our Cider Maker's Choice Variety Pack. The Cider Maker's Choice Variety Pack will include 3 Amber bottles, 3 Granny Smith bottles, 3 802 Dark & Dry bottles and the Cider Maker's Choice will vary from one of our crisp and refreshing core styles to the rare availability of our limited releases. Variety is truly the spice of life. We hope you enjoy our cider styles as much as we enjoy making them true to our tradition.